When to use the Factory Pattern

I’ve recently be challenged by freshly written code at my company where they used the factory pattern.  This led me to research into why one would want to use it.  In a lot of my research, they discourage it until it is really needed because it adds complexity with the additional classes and creation logic.

Here are some of my additional thoughts:

  • This pattern hides the creation of an object.
  • Useful when creating the object involves multiple steps.
  • Centralizes object creation so that if it needs to change it only needs to be changed in one place.
  • Useful if you have a lot of code that checks if object type is this…then do this.  This really is one of the most useful features I see.
  • It could be used for unit testing to switch in test data in place of live data.
  • Can bring unnecessary complexity: http://www.oodesign.com/factory-pattern.html , also agile principles, patterns, and practices in c#, Robert Martin.
  • Case Switch pattern is easier and more useful in that you don’t have to create a method for each and the calling logic doesn’t have to know what type of object it is dealing with.

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